Biomechatronics and Intelligent Robotics Lab

Robots of The Biomechatronics and Intelligent Robotics Lab (BIROLAB)

Lab Developed Custom Robots

Hip Exoskeleton

Our design of quasi-direct drive actuation-based exoskeleton demonstrates mechanical versatility for being lightweight (3.2 kg overall mass), compliant (backdrivable) with high torque (36 Nm) and high control bandwidth. The electronic architecture of the exoskeleton facilitated high-level torque control, motor control, sensor signal conditioning, data communication, and power management.

Knee Exoskeleton

We developed an untethered versatile exoskeleton capable of enhancing productivity via endurance augmentation in multiple activities. This was achieved by a lightweight and compliant robot design, which minimized the energy penalty on the wearer while providing high-torque bidirectional flexion and extension assistance.

Knee Prosthesis

We developed a knee prosthesis using a high torque actuator (built-in 9:1 planetary gear) with a customized 4:1 low-inertia planetary gearbox. Benchtop experiments show that proposed the prosthesis can produce 200 Nm high peak torque, high compliance (2.6 Nm backdrive torque), and high control accuracy (2.7/8.1/1.7 Nm RMS tracking errors for 1.25 m/s walking, 2 m/s running, and 0.25 Hz squatting, that are 5.4%/4.1%/1.4% of desired peak torques).


Currently, we are designing an open-source agile bipedal humanoid robot that employs actuators based on the novel quasi-direct-drive paradigm and high computational power via Nvidia Jetson Nano, to implement time-efficient model-free reinforcement learning control strategies, and intelligent computer vision-based navigation planning. Our goal is to develop an accessible mechanical and software platform that can provide researchers with an opportunity to engage in the emerging field of humanoid robotics. Utilizes novel quasi-direct drive technology on all joints
Our Humanoid Specs: 18 dof, Peak torque: 72 Nm, 1.2m height, 20,000 mAH battery life,
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More Robots...

Quadruped Robot

This AI quadruped robot dog is one of the most advanced Unitree masterpieces so far with easy-to-use AI controlling technology.

Wheel Legged Mobile Robot

World‘s First Direct-Drive Self-Balancing Wheeled-Leg Robot
Robots specs: Battery life: 4 hours in wheeled mode, or 40 minutes walking. Can carry up to 80 kg. Max speed: 2m/s. Jumping height: 8cm

Manipulator High Torque

Lightweight Robot Arm
Manipulator Lightweight specs: 7 dof, 5 kg max payload, 0.8m reach

Hello-Robot Mobile Manipulator

Hello-Robot Specs: Includes a Mobile depth camera and a Laser range finder, 2-5 hour battery life, max speed 0.3m/s, 2kg max payload