Soft Robotics and Robot Learning Workshop


9am-5pm, Thursday, June 06th, 2019

Data Visualization Room (5th Floor), CUNY Advanced Science Research Center, 85 St Nicholas Terrace, NY 10031


The City College at the City University of New York is proudly presenting the Soft Robotics and Robot Learning Workshop in association with the NEMS 2019 at the Columbia University. The workshop is comprised of educative sessions on various aspects of the state of the art in the field of Soft Robotics and Robot Learning —including but not limited to— Sensing & Actuation, Material & Energy, Manipulation & Locomotion & Modeling, and Clinical and Industrial applications of Soft Robotics and Robot Learning.

The workshop is free, and open to anyone who is intersted in Soft Robotics and Robot Learning. You can participate in the workshop by registering though this link. Registration deadline is Jun 1st.





Soft actuators and sensors
New energy solutions
Soft robots for manipulation and mobility
Artificial intelligence for soft robots
Biomedical and biomimetic applications





Hao Su, City University of New York, City College
Chen Feng, New York University
Ludovic Righetti, New York University





08:50 -- 09:00 | Workshop opening

09:00 -- 09:20 | Chen Feng, New York University: Real-time Soft Robot 3D Proprioception via Deep
        Vision-based Sensing

09:20 -- 09:40 | Kevin Chen, Harvard University: Multimodal and multiphase locomotion in insect-scale

09:40 -- 10:00 | James Pikul, UPenn: Electrolytic Vascular Systems for Energy Dense Soft Robots

10:00 -- 10:20 | Jie Yin, Temple University: Deformation Driven Reconfigurable Metamaterials and Soft

10:30 -- 11:00 |--------------------- Poster session, demo and coffee break ------------------------


11:00 -- 11:20 | Hao Su, City University of New York: Strong Actuators for Soft Robots

11:20 -- 11:40 | Jingang Yi, Rutgers University: Modeling and slip detection of bipedal walking with foot slip

11:40 -- 12:00 | Sunil Agrawal, Columbia: Robotics to Restore and Retrain Human Motions

12:00 -- 12:20 | Hartmut Geyer, CMU: Modeling human locomotion for rehabilitation robotics


12:20 -- 13:40 |------------------------------------- Lunch break ---------------------------------------------

13:00 -- 13:40 | Biomechatronics Lab Tour (Marshak Science Building 705)


13:40 -- 14:00 | Xianlian Zhou, New Jersey Institute of Technology: Modeling of Wearable Robots for
        Assistance to Human Musculoskeletal Motions

14:00 -- 14:20 | Brendan Englot, Stevens Institute of Technology: Learning-Aided Autonomous Navigation
        for Marine and Terrestrial Robots

14:20 -- 14:40 | Shikui Chen, Stony Brook University: Toward Generative Design of Soft Robots: A Level-Set-
        Based Topology Optimization Approach

14:40 -- 15:00 |--------------------- Poster session, demo and coffee break ------------------------


15:00 -- 15:20 | Brian Wilson, Duro UAS Inc.: Portable Bridge Scour Monitoring Using Autonomous
        Underwater Vehicles

15:20 -- 15:40 | Tom Bulea, National Institutes of Health: Can Exoskeletons Help Kids with Cerebral Palsy
        Walk Better

15:40 -- 16:00 | Poster Competition Award and Closing Remarks



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